In recent years, kitchen design for those with disabilities has drastically improved in conjunction with a growing awareness that this market deserves fantastic design as well as functionality in the home. For anyone suffering from mobility issues, the kitchen can be a very demanding environment, but there are a wide selection of products out there that combine style with ease of use. In this post, we will look at some of ECF’s products which can provide an inclusive, contemporary kitchen for all.

Storage solutions such as our Innostor Plus rotating larder, individual pull-out baskets, blind corner optimiser and ultimate carousel offer easy access to hard to reach places. Their smooth, soft closing action also means that they open easily without any unnecessary effort being exerted.

Innostor Plus lifestyle LR

As a Blum distributor, ECF can also provide Servo-Drive, an electric motion support system which allows drawers and pull outs to open and close swiftly with the lightest of touches, thus allowing the user to open  both high and low units without having to stretch or bend.

Servo-Drive Aventos main LR

The Blum Orga-Line range of kitchen accessories are designed to make everyday tasks that bit easier. Items such as the plate holder make it very easy to ‘transport’ your plates from the dishwasher to your cupboards and the foil and film dispensers are tangle free, which could be useful for someone with manual dexterity issues.


Even something as simple as a handle can contribute towards inclusive kitchen design, making it easier to open kitchen doors. ECF’s rod and bar handle selection are particularly suited to this purpose; the Keyhole handle for instance has a high projection measurement and wider diameter making it easier to grasp.

Keyhole bar group FF7921 LR

From our new Expressions range of classically modern handles, the Shard glass handle can also provide a contemporary look and substantial grip due to the thickness of the glass.


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