The saying ‘the devil is in the detail’ couldn’t be more relevant when it comes to furniture components, and yet they are often the aspect of a room which is most overlooked by retailers and home owners alike.

When it comes to designing a kitchen or bedroom, it’s easy to focus on the big money items such as furniture and appliances whilst leaving the smaller details to the last minute; but these finishing touches can have a massive impact on the look and feel of the space and are also a much cheaper way to add to the effect of the finished design. As Stuart Adcock, Product Manager for Components at ECF comments, “sometimes the little things that you overlook can be the things that make the biggest difference to a room. Components can help you make a statement, giving a unique and personal touch to a space which may otherwise seem quite generic.”


Something as simple as a handle can instantly life a room and, by putting some thought into the finish you can create a door and handle configuration which is perfectly matched. For example, this mottled effect handle in a pewter finish lends a classic sophistication to the clean lines of an in-frame door, whilst the burnished effect of the finish complements the traditional style and muted tones of the furniture.


Bedroom Storage

For the bedroom, why not give some thought to storage solutions and how they can help you maximise available space within wardrobes and drawers? A recent survey by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) found that up to 69% of new build home owners don’t have enough storage for their possessions and that the average size of new build homes in Britain is the smallest in Western Europe. Bearing this in mind, it is essential to make the most of what you’ve got in order to create a functional and tidy space.

Telescopic Shoe Rack Low res

Products such as shoe racks (ECF offer a telescopic shoe rack, which can be easily adjusted to a range of widths) and pull-down hanging rails can help you utilise spaces which are usually ignored such as the very top and bottom of a wardrobe whilst – most importantly – allowing you to keep that favourite pair of shoes within easy reach!

Pull-down hanging rail WWPDHR LR

Kitchen Components

For the kitchen, which is traditionally an extremely functional and multi-purpose room, you can use components to make your life that bit easier and also save yourself some time. Whether it’s something as simple as introducing divider rails to your pull-outs to organise the contents, or using larger storage solutions such as a Rotating Larder or Blind Corner Optimiser, there is something you can do to increase the practicality of the room.

The Blum Orga-Line Plate Holder is small but effective! It can hold up to 12 plates per holder and allows you to transport your plates to and from the dishwasher quickly and safely: an ingenious solution to one of those repetitive tasks that all of us would rather avoid.


Corner cupboards are very tricky to use in a kitchen, as the contents aren’t easily visible and often hard to reach. Products such as the Blind Corner Optimiser Plus (part of ECF’s popular Innostor Plus storage solutions brand) can provide the answer.


All trays pull out from the corner cabinet, meaning you can access everything with the minimum of hassle and it offers versatility, as its universal design allows both left and right hand fitting: what’s not to like?!

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